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Mario Morán - Teacher/Coach/Mentor 


Office: (415) 991-5547 landline (no texts)



Teen mentoring, adult coaching, and parental support: 

This area of support is preferably discussed by phone or in person. Please call or email for more information.

Behavioral and developmental consulting for children and families:

I am an experienced teacher, behavioral, and developmental specialist who builds healthy bridges between families and educators so kids with all types of learning and social/emotional needs can thrive in the right-fit academic environment.  My individualized approach and comprehensive programs are shaped by more than 20 years spent in independent school classrooms teaching kindergarten, preschool, K-8 after-school programs, and summer camp programs, as well as years spent as a mentor.  I've seen children and teens in all situations -- living with Anxiety, Depression, Anger, ADHD, ASD, and various developmental and physiological challenges -- and their struggle to cope and fit in are heart wrenching.  I've also seen parents who are stressed or frustrated not knowing where to turn for help.  It's been my calling to guide parents and students through difficult situations with strategies to course correct towards a successful educational and overall life experience.

My specialty is understanding children -- what makes them tick, how they show up, and what they feel when surrounded by peers in the classroom and other social settings. While teachers must focus on curriculum, class harmony and much more, I am able to observe a child through an unbiased lens and see her/his/their learning or behavioral challenges in the context of specific needs that, if addressed, can turn the situation around. I work one-on-one with children, their parents, and their teachers to hone in on the most pressing social, emotional, and/or learning concerns. My goal is to ease the tension, provide a neutral viewpoint, and partner with parents to take steps that best support the child's unique needs. I bring a large network of collaborative professionals which include occupational and speech therapists, child development specialists, child psychologists, psychiatrists and academic tutors.

To me, the best outcome of every engagement is when parents and teachers have a shared understanding of a child's individual needs and a game plan to help children flourish in the classroom and at home. My role is to pinpoint and foster agreement around the challenge, and to develop a comprehensive program that includes selecting and prioritizing appropriate interventions to ensure positive outcomes in school-based and home-based settings. My background in student and family application and admission to various schools, also positions me to help families develop a clearer roadmap for the educational journey ahead. In short, I help turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.


Rates can vary depending on type/s of support requested. General rates (as of June 2024):

- $160/hr - Adults & Teens (7th grade and up)

-$140/hr - children 2.5-12 years old

-$250/hr - Specialized Services (all ages) - call for further inquiries

*Phone Consult Fees - $120/hr (<10min- No Charge)

*Travel fees - $100/hr (roundtrip from office to destination)

Payment Methods:

Zelle - (Preferred)

PayPal - @AlegraAndCruz

Venmo - @Mario-Moran-2

Cash App - $mariosmethod

Apple Pay -

Cash or Check

Cancellation Policy:

-Less then 48 hour notice: Full charge of session


-More than 48 hour notice: No charge


"One of Mario's many gifts is to meet children exactly where they are, whatever their challenges, and guide them with patience and connection towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique gifts." - Calgary, San Francisco, CA

"As a coach and a mentor, Mario guided my son through an extended phase of depression, anger and self-destruction that threatened his ability to enter high school. Mario's approach was to 'coach for character'. He worked with my son to address the underlying drivers of his actions and to cultivate self-awareness around how his choices were impacting others, eroding self-esteem and sabotaging his future prospects. Mario helped my son rediscover his self-pride and take actions that improved his self agency and set him up to thrive as an honor student, athlete and joyful member of our family. We could not be more proud of the young man he has become. Thank you, Mario!" - Mother of 3, Corte Madera, CA

“Put simply, Mario’s method with kids at any developmental stage is highly effective and works. In the past, my son was not able to connect in a meaningful way with traditional therapy support, and life coaching/mentoring methods.  With Mario he has become more confident and able to better communicate what he is struggling with.  Mario has caused him to be more self-reflective and advanced him to a positive mindset.  As for parents, Mario will only make you better at parenting giving you thoughtful perspectives of how to look at a situation.  Our family is grateful for Mario and hope to be working with him for a long time.” – Genuinely, Thankful Mother, San Francisco, CA

Office Located in San Rafael, Serving Marin County

Office: (415) 991-5547 -Landline (cannot accept texts)